Lateral Lib Extractor for Altium®

Demo files:

  1. Download Altium Example Library Files (.zip)
  2. Extract the .zip and choose a .SchLib or .PcbLib file
  3. Upload it with the form on the right and press submit

How to view image:

Copy-paste the base64 string (under Image, Data in the JSON output) on this tool

Demo (SchLib):

Demo (PcbLib):


Lateral Lib extractor for Altium® enables you to:

  • Unpack and Decode Altium’s proprietary .SchLib and .PcbLib files
    • Graphical objects (Pin, Lines, Arcs, Text, Designators, Polyline, etc etc…)
    • Metadata (Symbol/Footprint Name, Description…)
  • Render preview of each Symbol and Footprint onto PNG images

Case studies:

Lateral Lib extractor for Altium® enables you to:

  • Integrate Altium Libraries in your custom ERP
  • Compare changes between different Altium libraries using available tools
  • Automatically calculate the number of Pads for each footprint
  • Visualize Altium Libraries inside your application
  • Automatically document your Altium Libraries on GitHub using CI tools


  • As a Linux/Windows/MacOS executable to run via command line or integrate in your app
  • As a cloud API
  • As an API to run on premise within your infrastructure