MW Waveguide experiment kit

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Product Description

This amazing kit features a broad-band diode envelope detector and waveguides allowing you to detect, demodulate and measure microwaves with a spatial sub-millimetre resolution.

Example experiments:

  • Study the propagation of the wave inside the waveguide
  • Polarization by rotation of the waveguide
  • Speed of light
  • cut-off frequency


  • Rectangular 30x15x500mm anodized aluminium slotted waveguide,
  • 30x15mm waveguide holder, 2pcs
  • 30x15mm cable holder
  • 30mm diode detector slider
  • Rectangular 10x20x500mm anodized aluminium slotted waveguide
  • 20x10mm waveguide holder, 2pcs
  • 20X10mm cable holder
  • 20mm diode detector slider
  • Cylindrical 20x500mm anodized aluminium waveguide
  • 20mm waveguide holder, 2pcs
  • Diode detector with 12V supply and audio output compatible with our MW transmitters and receivers
  • aux 3.5mm audio cable
  • dc power extension

The diode detector has a standard audio output, so it can be connected to sound cards, oscilloscopes, speakers, etc

MW Waveguide experiment kit - Fermium

MW Waveguide experiment kit

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