10.5Ghz MW receiver

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Product Description

The most advanced microwave transmitter-receiver kit available in the world. The development of this device took two years of work.

Receiver features:

  • 3.5mm jack audio demodulated signal output
  • Ultra-high sensitivity demodulator circuitry (EXCLUSIVE)
  • HIGH directivity dielectric antenna technology (EXCLUSIVE)
  • 12V supply
  • IEC 61000-4-2 25KV compliant input/output for high ESD tolerance
  • Smallest and lightest on the market
  • Can be rotated easily on two axes with the optional mount
  • Protractor +-90° with 1° resolution (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Replaceable antenna with bayonet mount (many accessories available) (EXCLUSIVE)

Available customizations (bulk quantity only):

  • White labeling
  • Custom plastic color
  • Custom enclosure paint/anodization
  • Custom logo onto the 3D printed plastic components
  • Custom color and text behind the antenna
  • DC rectified out instead of AC audio signal

Bayonet system:


  • HIGH directivity dielectric antenna tecnology (EXCLUSIVE)
  • BNC demodulated signal output
  • ultra-high sensitivity demodulator circuitry (EXCLUSIVE)

When you read "EXCLUSIVE" it's because everyone else still has to catch up with us.
Please note this item must be purchased in kit with the transmitter, and we sell it separately mainly as replacement or for specific experimental setups.

10.5Ghz MW receiver - Fermium

10.5Ghz MW receiver

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