MW base platform

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Image SKU Price Arm Length
frm-mw-105-base Inquire for Price Standard 500mm
frm-mw-105-base Inquire for Price Compact 350mm

Product Description

Base mechanics for the Microwave Optics Platform compatible with 40mm sliders and 10 to 12mm pole accessories.


  • Two arms of 500mm for the long version or 350mm for the compact version
  • Scratch-resistant anodyzed aluminium structure
  • Center accessories holder with locking knob for 12mm diameter accessories
  • Double protractor: indicates both the arms angle and the centre accessory angle
  • Ruler with millimiter resolution
  • Support for optional 3rd and 4th arm
  • Six stable feet


When designing this product, we wanted to far exceed the quality of all available competing product, yet at the same time beat the price. To achieve that, we used a mixture of custom 3D printed parts and standard mechanical components.

MW base platform - Fermium

MW base platform

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