MW Waveguide experiment kit

MW Waveguide experiment kit

MW Diode detector

DC power extension cable 1m

MW 30x15mm waveguide slotted

MW 20x10mm waveguide slotted

MW D20 waveguide round

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    This amazing kit features a broad-band diode envelope detector and waveguides allowing you to detect, demodulate and measure microwaves with a spatial sub-millimetre resolution.

    Example experiments:

    • Study the propagation of the wave inside the waveguide
    • Study the effect of polarization inside the waveguide
    • Calculation of the speed of light

    The kit is comprised of:

    • 30x15mm anodized aluminium slotted waveguide, 1pcs
    • D20mm cylindrical anodized aluminium waveguide, 1pcs
    • Diode detector with 12V supply and audio output compatible with our MW transmitters and receivers
    • Diode detector slide
    • Cable holder

    The diode detector has a standard audio output, so it can be connected to sound cards, oscilloscopes, speakers etc etc …


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